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Georgina Smith
Georgina Smith Owner
Me & Sir Barksworthy (Erik – 북극곰)

Who Am I?

After rescuing Erik, the handsome Samoyed from South Korea with a digestive tract suited for a horror film, we home cooked all his meals and treats to help reset the issue. Doing so meant doing tonnes of research into human foods that are beneficial to dogs, and foods to avoid. This, in turn, brought to light that many commercial dog products contain subpar ingredients, or ones straight off the no-no list.

This astonishing discovery made us decide to apply the knowledge gained to provide dogs with healthy treats, using only natural, human grade ingredients with a focus on local, organic products wherever possible. Every single treat that comes out of the Barksworthy kitchen is made from scratch in small batches, and something that you can feel great about rewarding your special canine with.

Brand Highlights

  • Human-grade
  • Local
  • Natural
  • Corn, wheat and soy free