Our S#!ttiest Post – dog poo facts

We are finally starting to see the grass here in Halifax. Unfortunately, much of that grass is covered in dog poo left unattended after the harsh winter, and I know our yard was no exception. However, beyond just the gross factor there are quite a few potential dangers to leaving it unattended. For instance, did you know that just 1 gram […]

Chocolate and Canines


With Easter just around the corner, many pet parents might be nervous about all the chocolate the Easter bunny will leave around. However, not all chocolate is created equal and not all chocolate is toxic to dogs. This does not mean that any chocolate is safe to feed your dog, however.  To help you understand we will give you a […]

5 Snow-lovin’ Dog Breeds

The word Nova Scotia is quickly becoming synonymous with snow. While people are feeling dread at the thought of shoveling, yet again, many of our canine counterparts can’t get enough of the white stuff. So, we present you with this list of 5 dog breeds who are made for this weather.

1.Bernese Mountain Dog

These beauties, of Swiss origin, have a distinguishing […]

Winter Grooming Tips

We all know the havoc that winter weather can wreak on our skin and hair, the same applies to our furry friends.  Some helpful grooming tips can help keep them comfortable and looking great all winter.


1.  Brush more frequently

Brush more frequently? Yes, even though many of us tend to brush more frequently during shedding months, it is equally, if not […]

7 Indoor activities to tire out your Classy Canine

As I’m sure many of you are aware, we have the fortune of having a gorgeous Samoyed as part of our family, so we have no excuse not to take him out in this lovely Nova Scotian winter.  However, many of you might have dogs that aren’t as eager to pull you along the ice-covered streets, or bound through snow […]

Designated Off Leash Parks- HRM

We are a few weeks into the New Year now, and many of us have been working hard on our health-related resolutions after an over-indulgent holiday season (calories don’t count on holidays, right?). What about our furry companions though, where can they go to run off those extra treats and turkey that Aunt Shirley sneaked under the table? With the […]