Hello Internet, Welcome to Barksworthy Proper Canine Treats and Rewards, home of the best homemade dog treats out there. We only use all-natural, human grade ingredients because we understand that your fluffy face-licker is part of the family and you want to ensure they have only the best.

For our fist blog post, we will give you our background story, our inspiration behind Barksworthy. After graduating, we decided to go on a little adventure and teach English in South Korea for a year. When there, being a dog lover, decided to volunteer at one of the shelters where I fell in love with a handsome Samoyed, and decided we would foster him while we were there. Well, that “foster” lasted all of about one week before we decided he was coming back to Halifax, Nova Scotia with us.

Erik came out of the shelter with a very sensitive digestive system, leading to us home cooking his meals in order to reset it. Home cooking meant having to do a lot of research on safe and unsafe foods for dogs. After gaining this knowledge, it was shocking to realize just how many commercial foods and treats contained ingredients from the unsafe list. Knowing that Erik, and all the other canines out there deserved only the best we decided to apply what we knew to making home made dog treats, which are made in small batches with ingredients we would feel safe enough eating, in flavors that dogs love; a fact that our top rated critic of all things canine cuisine, Sir Erik Barksworthy will attest to.

That’s the quick version of our story; do you have any pup-related stories you’d like to share? We would love to hear from you.