We are finally starting to see the grass here in Halifax. Unfortunately, much of that grass is covered in dog poo left unattended after the harsh winter, and I know our yard was no exception. However, beyond just the gross factor there are quite a few potential dangers to leaving it unattended. For instance, did you know that just 1 gram of dog poo contains up to 23 MILLION fecal bacteria?  This poses many serious health risks to animals and humans alike such as E.coli, worms, Salmonellosis, etc..  We have included an easy to follow infographic (bottom of page) that gives a concise representation of the many risks posed by not bagging and tossing doo-doo.

Now that we’ve scared the bejesus out of you, if the thought of taking on all that “business” seems too daunting, do not fret there are a few services available to help. All offer everything from the initial spring clean to get you caught up to weekly visits so you can ensure your yard is always clean and safe.

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  • Savannah Higgins: Kijii
    902- 210-2014
  • HaliPets: http://www.halipets.com/
    902- 478 –PETS or 902-449-5828
  • Scoopy-Poo: FaceBook
    902- 222- 8128
Not only will you have a clean yard, but also be supporting local entrepreneurs at the same time; a win-win. And to sweeten the deal, each and every one of them was quick to respond, professional and friendly.
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