With the local movement on trend right now, more and more people are stocking their fridges and pantries with local foods. But what about your dog treat cupboard, the one that “Fido” sits in front of so longingly? Should he be following suit on the eat local trend too? ABSOLUTELY.

I’m sure many pet owners have heard tell about the dangers of feeding outsourced treats, such as chicken jerky from China. Over the last seven years, the FDA has received thousands of reports from pet owners complaining of illness, and even death after feeding treats that they have been led to believe safe and healthy. You can view a Canadian news report here if you’d like to hear what some owners have gone through.

As pet owners, we are constantly trying to find a treat that dogs will enjoy, and that we feel confident giving them. That’s why, often times, we turn to these “one ingredient” treats, thinking that they have to be safe, after all, “it’s only chicken/beef/insert other “safe” ingredient”. So how can we avoid being so led on?

We can start by knowing exactly where the ingredients come from, knowing that they have to pass the same standards that our own food does, even getting to know the supplier personally. That’s why we focus on using only human grade ingredients from local suppliers, such as Oulton’s Farms, Noggins Farms, etc. ,whenever possible.

Each Barksworthy treat has started from fresh, local and hand selected ingredients, ones that we would (and do) eat ourselves. So next time you are at Local Source Market or Alderney Landing Farmers’ Market picking up your local goodies for the week, make sure to stock up for your proper canine too. We are not responsible if he develops an affinity for bowties and cummerbunds.